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INTRO YO. THIS BLOG IS THE SHIT K. View the shits of my life. I rant, I type passionately. It's like a diary, but virtual. It's a party in my house. Bitches can lick feet.
Hi, I'm Stacy and I'm a whore. I'm sexy and I'm cute. Blah blah. I have no life but to bitch about people I hate. I am currently dating John, who's my 900th boyfriend. I live in a small apartment in California. I go the beach and tan. But I end up like a churro by the end of my tanning. My friends hate me, and I know they do, because I'm a whore. Sorry, I can't help it. Kthxbai. Lol jk gaiz, I'm no whore.
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Ok, i sorta moved to Tumblr (inspired by Bella. HAH!). since so many people missed me blogging, i think maybe, maybe i should start blogging again. hence, i, myself really miss blogging too. heees ~ so, good luck finding my Tumblr! goodbye.